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多样性 & 社会正义

Protest sign on the steps of Boyden Hall, saying change the politics not the climate

ladbrokes立博中文版很受欢迎, compassionate and intellectually rigorous learning, 工作和生活环境.

在BSU, we live these values every single day by striving to be a caring, 包容和热情的社区.

The United States faces vast and growing inequalities of opportunity, 收入和财富, 获得教育和医疗的机会, 受到法律的平等保护.

As a university we have a special responsibility to expose and critically examine these conditions and to provide means and resources by which we can channel that understanding into action that results in 必要的 change.

大学的校训是 "不是被人服侍,而是服侍人" — invokes the this dedication to service and equity.


总统ial Task Force on Racial Justice Final Report

The 总统’s Special Task Force on Racial Justice (RJTF) was created in 2020 by 总统 Clark to examine the elements of policy, 实践, 以及阻碍波士顿州立大学种族平等的文化, and to identify remedies and recommendations for corrective action. Some 70 members of our campus community have engaged in this thoughtful, 必要的, 经常有挑战性, 痛苦的, 有回报的工作. This report lays out many immediate and long-term steps Bridgewater can take towards becoming a more racially just, 包容和公平的社区.





行动:BSU的种族正义与平等 is an e-publication to update the community about BSU's efforts and progress on these extremely important issues.


重申其多样性的价值观, 包容和平等, university leadership adopted an official statement rejecting “all forms of bias, 歧视, 排外情绪, 和暴力.”


The 擅长项目 at ladbrokes立博中文版 (BSU) is a fully-inclusive postsecondary program for young adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Students in the EXCEL program share the same experiences as their college peers in the areas of academics, 社会化, 专业发展, 独立生活. Students become more independent and actively engaged in creating and living their lives. Our program honors dignity and worth, and fosters self-determination.


BSU provides the individual attention so important to the academic and cultural adjustment of international 学生. Approximately 150 international 学生 are enrolled at the university representing more than 29 different countries. 一旦承认, 国际学生和ladbrokes立博中文版服务 provides high-quality services and programs to each international student and scholar at ladbrokes立博中文版.

Leading for Change Racial Equity and Justice Institute

The Leading for Change Racial Equity and Justice Institute (REJI) is a voluntary collaboration of institutions committed to racial educational equity. Member campuses work to identify data-informed strategies intended to close racial educational equity gaps on our campuses and across higher education.


The 刘易斯和盖恩斯包容与公平中心 (LGCIE - 遗产)加强包容, celebrates diversity and promotes student success by providing services that support underserved 学生 thereby enriching the academic, cultural and social experiences for the future of all BSU 学生. For more information, visit us in the Rondileau Student Union Room 101 or call 508.531.6166.

Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

ladbrokes立博中文版 is among an elite group of institutions chosen by the U.S. Department of State to host the “Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders” (YALI), 至今已连续四年. 每年夏天, twenty-five of Africa’s brightest emerging public 管理员 study at BSU for a six-week academic and leadership institute.


The 马丁·理查德社会正义研究所 — named after the youngest victim of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings — was created to build knowledge about social justice, to develop skills for advancing social justice through individual and collective action, and to serve as a catalyst for actualizing ladbrokes立博中文版’s commitment to social justice.

军事 & 退伍军人学生服务

军事 and 退伍军人学生服务 is committed to assisting the military and veteran community at ladbrokes立博中文版 in achieving their academic and personal goals.


波士顿州立大学骄傲中心支持同性恋的成功, 女同性恋, 双性恋, 跨性别和盟友学生以及他们的同龄人, and fosters a campus climate of inclusion and equity.


The ladbrokes立博中文版 Special 总统ial Task Force on Racial Justice represents our entire BSU community, 包括教师, 学生, 工作人员, 管理员, 校友和我们更广泛社区的成员, 以及该校对反种族主义的承诺. These pages include updates from the Racial Justice Task Force as well as a number of resources and engagement opportunities for the wider community.


Our 学生 face a variety of issues outside of the classroom that may impact their ability to be successful at ladbrokes立博中文版, and we want all 学生 to know that help is available.


ladbrokes立博中文版 is committed to ensuring all individuals equal access to its programs, 服务及社区. 残疾的资源 & 学生无障碍服务 supports this commitment through its work with 学生, 教师, 工作人员, and the Bridgewater community to identify and remove barriers to full participation in the University experience.